Armin Sandhövel joins Bluefield

Armin Sandhövel joins Bluefield Partners as Senior Adviser

Working directly with the Managing Partners, James Armstrong and Giovanni Terranova, Armin will lend his considerable infrastructure investment…

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West Raynham solar farm site

Why co-location holds the key to energy storage and supply

We have evolved beyond standalone and single-purpose buildings (for example wind or watermills used to grind wheat) and…

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Wildflower at our West Raynham site

Inaugural Wild Power® gold certification awarded to Bluefield LLP managed site

Bluefield Partners LLP ("Bluefield") is delighted to announce that the West Raynham Solar Farm, a 50MW solar farm…

3 mins

Navigating the Transition to Net Zero. Powering Up Renewables and Taking Urgent Action (Part 3 of 3)

As stewards of our world, it's our responsibility to support green energy technologies. These technologies are central to…

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Bluefield promuove Alberto Paturzo a socio

Bluefield Italia Srl, parte del gruppo societario Bluefield (“Bluefield”), è lieta di annunciare la promozione di Alberto Paturzo…

3 mins

Bluefield promotes Alberto Paturzo to Partner

Bluefield Italia Srl, part of the wider Bluefield group of companies (“Bluefield”), is pleased to announce the promotion…

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Bluefield Sole’s Journey

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Renewing renewables – Bringing new life to underperforming and aging assets

However, assets that are not well serviced and managed can see a significant decline in productivity. Underperforming assets…

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Navigating the Transition to Net Zero. Key Drivers and Challenges (Part 2 of 3)

To ensure global pledges and net zero targets are met, a convergence of key factors, each playing a…

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Strategic Acquisition of a ca. 5MW Solar Portfolio in Italy

Advised by Bluefield Italia Srl, Bluefield Revive Italia l Srl ("the vehicle"), is proud to announce purchase of…

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