How we invest

Informed decision-making

Specialist expertise and daily information-sharing enable our investment team to conduct due diligence, pricing and decision-making more efficiently than many of our peers. This means we can progress transactions faster with the same level of expertise.

Our businesses


Our robust investment process aims to maximise value for investors from conception to completion of renewable assets’ lifecycle.


Deal sourcing

Our rich pipeline of potential investments come from strategic partnerships and industry networks throughout the UK and Europe. Our development business, Bluefield Renewable Developments, also aims to grow the opportunities available through greenfield development.


Due diligence

Once a project is identified, an initial review and financial modelling process is followed by a full due diligence and non-binding offer before being presented to the investment committee for review.


ESG integration

Every opportunity is analysed for environmental, social and governance factors, aimed at understanding the sustainability of each asset.


Ongoing asset management and optimisation

Through our affiliate businesses we actively manage the life of each asset to maximise the value it provides.

Aligned investors

Our approach focuses on the benefit to shareholders, above all else. As such, we are committed to transparency and reinvesting the portfolio for the long-term health and productivity of assets, rather than taking profit.

We can hold assets for the long-term, providing stable and reliable returns for investors. Our process also affords us the flexibility to act dynamically for significant capital returns, while maintaining our objective of ensuring sustainable investment for the long-term benefit of our stakeholders.

Our fund managers are invested alongside our investors, aligning us with the same goals as our clients and stakeholders.

Why renewables

Renewable energy investments offer investors access to real assets, a diversified asset class with long-dated and stable revenues. It gives the opportunity to participate in the energy transition as decarbonisation accelerates.

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