Private Strategies

Private strategies

Bluefield Partners has built one of the strongest and most established track records in the UK1 and expanding into European renewable energy sectors. This is thanks to the combination of granular investment knowledge of each strategy, alongside insights from highly skilled technical asset management and operational teams. The result of this has been an attractive track record, with every strategy to date outperforming and delivering returns above targets to its investors.

Our private strategies

open to investment Value Add

Bluefield Revive II

An upcoming follow-on fund, which will be focused on identifying opportunities in renewables to create, enhance, optimise and extend operating lives to create capital gains, expanding into European geographies.

Closed to investment Value Add

Bluefield Revive

Bluefield Revive is a closed ended value add strategy consisting of solar assets across Italy. The investment, engineering and operational expertise of the Bluefield team enables them to turnaround, improve and sell the assets for an attractive capital gain. The vehicle was set up in 2021 and targets a double-digit net internal rate of return (IRR) to investors.

Closed to investment Value Add

Bluefield Sole

Bluefield Sole was an Italian, value add, brownfield strategy that was launched in 2019 to expand the success of our UK strategies into Europe. The strategy recently exited with a net IRR to investors above its initial 20% return target.

closed to investment Value Add

Bluefield European Pilot

The Bluefield European Pilot was a pilot strategy in Europe for upcoming European Strategies. Starting in 2019, and later sold in 2022, the assets were handled to create a net exit IRR above the target.

Closed to investment Value Add

Bluefield Stark

Bluefield Stark was a value add strategy in the UK set up in 2016, that had the capability to take an asset and perform value add activities to optimise performance. The strategy significantly outperformed its initial target return of 20%, when sold in 2019.

Closed to investment Yield

Bluefield L&P and Bluefield Harrier

These strategies were long term yield vehicles set up to invest directly into the first opportunities for solar plants in the UK, and one of the first large scale solar plants providing private wire power to a big industrial user. Set up in 2011 and 2012, respectively, both strategies took advantage of opportunistic sales, which far exceeded their initial 9% return targets.

Closed to investment Yield

Bluefield Solar EIS

Bluefield Solar EIS was a greenfield strategy, set up in 2012, specialising in opportunistic renewables investments in the UK. This strategy initially targeted a 10% return, and later sold at a significant premium upon exit.

Closed to investment Yield

Bluefield Merlin

Bluefield Merlin was a UK greenfield strategy, which was launched in 2013, with a target return of 10%. Upon exit, the team was successful in achieving a premium to the initial target.

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