Powering a
sustainable future

Bluefield is a renewable energy platform that has in-house capability across the asset lifecycle, which is from development, through investment, to operation, and optimisation of renewable energy assets, aiming to enhance the performance of each asset for the long term until decommission1 across the UK and Europe.

Who we are

Bluefield has integrated expertise across every stage of our renewable energy assets lifecycle in order to help create, maintain and optimise value for investors.

About us

What we do

Through a holistic approach, we manage renewable assets across the Bluefield value chain. This enables us to create and protect value for investors through enhancing the long term performance of the assets..

Our businesses

Bluefield in numbers

Our business model

Drawing on the wide and varied capabilities across our four affiliate businesses, we can capitalise on new UK and European opportunities swiftly, while addressing challenges dynamically.

Our businesses

How we work

Our behaviours define our culture and act as a guide for understanding how we approach our interactions with each other.

Act courageously

We push our boundaries, even if we feel uncomfortable doing so. We speak up, share ideas and stand up for what we believe in.


We work together to achieve our shared purpose. We seek out diverse perspectives, and respect the voices of others, even when we do not share the same opinions.


We believe in ourselves and our ability to make decisions. We learn from our mistakes and grow through feedback, building trust in each other.

  1. Asset lifecycle, end to end, full value chain – does not include the manufacturing or end-of-life processing of materials.
  2. March 2024
  3. January 2024
  4. January 2024
  5. January 2024 – across UK and Europe

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