Sustainability at Bluefield

Bluefield recognises the opportunities and value that ESG considerations can present, and the positive value which can be delivered by renewable portfolios in addition to financial returns.

At the same time, Bluefield recognises the potential harmful impacts that come with being part of the renewables industry, whether these are environmental impacts relating to construction, or social risks within the wider supply chain. Bluefield endeavours to minimise these impacts through the integration of ESG across its investment and operational activities, helping manage risk and seize opportunity.

Bluefield Development takes local community consultations and biodiversity considerations into account at the outset of projects, helping integrate stakeholder perspectives and identify ways to enhance nature on site.

Long-term value creation

Our end-to-end1 proposition means we can help create, enhance, and protect asset value in a range of ways. In addition to the provision of long-term returns, the integration of ESG across investment and operational activities helps minimise negative impact, build resilience, and add value. For example, this may include contributions towards nature enhancement, or increasing climate resilience across the portfolio2.


Bluefield recognises that renewable assets can impact the local environment. For its UK portfolio, Bluefield undertakes ecological assessments and aims to deliver best practice land management..

Responsible Investment

In line with the ESG strategy of BSIF under advisory, ESG is integrated within pre-and post-investment activities , please refer to BSIF’s Sustainable Investment Policy for further information. Bluefield Partners LLP has been a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment since 2019.

The Foundation

1. Asset lifecycle, end to end, full value chain – does not include the manufacturing or end-of-life processing of materials.
2. In relation to our UK portfolio.