Ensuring assets’ optimal performance

With our diverse skillset, we aim to make assets more resilient for the long term through a range of services.

What we do

Our engineers are flexible in their monitoring hours to best fit seasonal daylight profiles. If required, 24-hour monitoring can be arranged.

Continuous site assessment aids the longevity of your assets, providing fault identification and mitigation to minimise unnecessary output loss. Generation irregularities are promptly identified by the Monitoring Team. Following an initial investigation into the cause of the issue, the Monitoring Team classify the fault and engage with the Field Service Team to resolve the issue.

Our Monitoring and Performance Engineers are competent using a range of monitoring platforms, ensuring a smooth handover of your asset.

Our offering includes:

  • Identifying equipment failures and fault resolution monitoring
  • Regular trend analysis on asset performance to track the behaviour of the installed equipment
  • Performance optimisation
  • Identifying areas of performance improvements to predict future issues to prevent generations losses

Issues arise, but the key is how they are responded to. Our regionally located Field Service Team consist of well-qualified, clearly authorised and solutions-focused individuals. We focus on getting the plants generating as fast as possible following an outage, in a safe and structured way.

Not only does this reduce plant faults by regularly servicing equipment, but crucially, it ensures that equipment is serviced during periods least likely to affect the overall productivity of the plant. They are developed following manufacturer guidelines and are compliant with health and safety and electrical regulations, and importantly their delivery is well documented – so your team can see what we have actually achieved on your site.

Our experienced team also identifies which documents are necessary for regulatory compliance, ensuring your asset is performing in line with the very latest technical and health and safety legislation.

With our extensive project management expertise across multiple portfolios, you can be confident that any upgrades implemented to your asset will be managed to a high level. We have experience of carrying out extensive rectification works on existing solar plants to repair faults as well as rebuild parks with serial defects or repeat problems.

From data analysis to onsite inspections, we can identify equipment that has a lower rate of availability and determine the underlying cause. We rectify problems, enhancing equipment availability and facilitating higher performance.

This includes making sure the modules are cleaned at the appropriate time of the year and that the ground maintenance is delivered. We also make sure Landscape and Ecological Management Plans (LEMPs) are followed to ensure planning compliance.

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