Our businesses

Business model

Our highly effective business model is thanks to the four businesses working together through development, investment, operation and optimisation. Thanks to this platform, we can enter an investment at any point of the investment cycle and by doing so can effectively deliver a range of investment strategies with different risk/return characteristics.


Access to expertise enables swift decision-making to capitalise on opportunities.

Preventative action

Real-time information allows for acting before problems arise.

Long-term insight

Collaboration among experts across the value chain builds deep sector insight.

Areas of focus

Our expertise is focused on three key areas of renewable energy growth.


The simplest and most predictable renewable in terms of energy production and management. Offers the stability of yield for any fund.


Relatively simple technology with complementary energy production to a technology such as solar.


The potential to enhance the commercial benefits of the renewable portfolio and the key future ingredient for creating flexible energy generation.

Why renewables

How we work

Our behaviours define our culture and act as a guide for understanding how we approach our interactions with each other.

Act courageously

We push our boundaries, even if we feel uncomfortable doing so. We speak up, share ideas and stand up for what we believe in.


We work together to achieve our shared purpose. We seek out diverse perspectives, and respect the voices of others, even when we do not share the same opinions.


We believe in ourselves and our ability to make decisions. We learn from our mistakes and grow through feedback, building trust in each other.


Bluefield Partners conducts all investment activities and strategy for the group, with insights from technical and operational professionals.

Bluefield Partners


Bluefield Services takes care of all the technical asset management of the investments after acquisition, centred around a state-of-the-art monitoring platform and bespoke reporting technology.

Bluefield Services


Bluefield Operations is responsible for the maintenance of the portfolio, with field engineers allocated to specific regions.

Bluefield Operations


Bluefield Renewable Developments is a specialist renewable project provider. The team focuses on building long-term partnerships and relationships with landowners and developers.

Bluefield Renewable Developments

Join our team

Our diverse skillset spans the full lifecycle of renewable assets, from development and investment to asset management and engineering. We’re always looking to continue investing in our depth of talent.