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Inaugural Wild Power® gold certification awarded to Bluefield LLP managed site

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West Raynham site recognised for enhancing biodiversity measures.

Bluefield Partners LLP (“Bluefield”) is delighted to announce that the West Raynham Solar Farm, a 50MW solar farm owned by the Bluefield Solar Income Fund (“BSIF”), managed by Bluefield LLP and operated by Bluefield Operations, has received gold certification from Wild Power®, the independent certifier providing tools and processes to help developers and operators measure, manage, monitor and report on their biodiversity efforts.

As part of its ESG strategy, BSIF has committed to conducting ecological assessments across 10% of its portfolio1 each year. Following an ecological assessment, West Raynham Solar Farm applied for Wild Power® certification.

A number of site-based improvements were identified and implemented between 2022-2024, resulting in West Raynham Solar Farm becoming the first site in the UK to receive Wild Power® gold certification.

Biodiversity and land management specialists from Bluefield Operations and Wychwood Biodiversity conducted an ecological survey which identified appropriate management improvements for the site. Actions undertaken to date include the conservation grazing2 of wildflowers across an area of approximately 40 acres, and the installation of several microhabitats for protected species including birds, reptiles, and a maternity bat roost box.

Joe Arafa, Director Wild Power® said: “We are delighted to have issued the UK’s first Wild Power® certification to Bluefield’s West Raynham Solar Farm. We commend Bluefield for their work to enhance the biodiversity measures at the site and congratulate them for achieving Wild Power’s gold standard at West Raynham. This marks a milestone in Wild Power’s journey, and we hope that Bluefield’s achievement will encourage others to follow suit, contributing to our mission to make it easy and viable for nature to thrive at renewable energy sites.”

Zara Rourke, Ecologist at Bluefield Operations, said: “We are pleased that our West Raynham site, and the efforts of our team, have been recognised by Wild Power®. The gold certification is indicative of the efforts that Bluefield has put into enhancing biodiversity at this site in recent years, and we are excited to continue developing our approach to supporting nature-positive outcomes.”

Emma Silcocks, ESG Manager at Bluefield LLP, added: “Nature is a key focus for BSIF and the certification at West Raynham is an important achievement within the fund’s wider ecological strategy. With thousands of acres of land under management, Bluefield has a great opportunity to support nature across our UK portfolio, as well as contributing to climate change mitigation through the generation of renewable energy.”

About Wild Power®
Wild Power® is a scorecard-based standard in biodiversity for renewable energy sites, helping developers and operators bring nature back to the land they own and manage.
Their mission is to make it easy and viable for nature to thrive alongside renewable energy. Wild Power® certification is issued to qualifying sites to evidence a commitment to biodiversity in renewable energy land use. Wild Power® integrates renewable energy infrastructure with positive biodiversity action.

About Bluefield
Founded in 2009 and based in London, the Bluefield group of companies provides M&A, investment, asset management, development, and construction management services throughout the lifecycle of the renewable assets under management, specialising in greenfield and brownfield solar PV, onshore wind, and battery storage. With over a decade in the sector, Bluefield has developed a comprehensive platform covering investment, asset management, and technical services to support the energy transition.

As it stands, Bluefield manages assets worth over €2 billion across the UK and EU, with a keen eye on shareholder interests. The Group employs around 150 people across the UK and Europe, all committed to safeguarding assets and helping to support the energy transition. For further details, visit

About BSIF

BSIF was the first solar-focused investment company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 250 today. It primarily targets utility-scale solar, wind and energy storage assets and portfolios on greenfield, industrial and/or commercial sites. BSIF aims to deliver long-term stable dividends and has one of the most successful track records in the sector.

On behalf of BSIF, Bluefield Partners, the investment adviser, seeks greenfield and brownfield opportunities in solar, wind and energy storage assets across the UK.

Since IPO in 2013, BSIF has saved the equivalent of over one million tonnes of CO2e from being released into the atmosphere (through the displacement of fossil fuel generated electricity supplying the grid).

For further information:

Bluefield Partners LLP
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Wild Power®
Joe Arafa, Director

Media enquiries:
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1. Relating to wholly owned assets over 1MW in capacity

2. Conservation grazing is a regime where live stock are removed between April and July or where the grassland is grazed at a low intensity to leave a varied and tall sward with flowering plants present. Link


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