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Bluefield Revive’s Strategic Acquisition of Project Berrettini

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Bluefield Italia Srl (‘Bluefield’)

‘Bluefield Revive’s Strategic Acquisition of Project Berrettini’

Bluefield Revive Italia l Srl (“Bluefield Revive”), advised Bluefield Italia Srl, is proud to announce the purchase of the last two assets (1.3 MWp) of a 7.3MWp Solar PV portfolio (so called “Project Berrettini”). The acquisition, which began in phases during 2021 and 2022, supports Italy’s ambitious target to source two-thirds of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030.

The project consists of eight solar plants distributed across three Italian regions, commissioned between 2011 and 2013.

This acquisition strengthens Bluefield Revive’s role in enhancing legacy renewable energy infrastructure in Italy. Leveraging the Bluefield Group’s comprehensive capabilities in investment, asset management, and engineering, the team has pinpointed opportunities for significant enhancements. These include equipment upgrades, improved monitoring, and more efficient maintenance routines, poised to increase overall performance.

Between 2014 and 2019, the portfolio showed significant promise despite operating below its full potential, with an average performance ratio of 64%. One asset, in particular, demonstrated significant room for enhancement, registering performance metrics below the regional industry benchmark for assets of a similar age. A  pre-acquisition review uncovered numerous areas with high potential for optimisation, with initiatives to improve operational performance already in motion.

Alberto Paturzo, Managing Director at Bluefield Southern Europe, commented: “Project Berrettini is key to our mission of boosting existing legacy assets. We anticipate notable efficiency gains and broader benefits for local communities and investors.”

The acquisition, advised by Bluefield Italia, exemplifies the Group’s expertise in making impactful investments without compromising on technical excellence.

Paturzo concluded: “This shows our focus on high-impact, smart investments while maintaining technical quality. We look forward to combining asset revitalisation with ESG to deliver long-term sustainable impact.”

This acquisition follows the successful final close of Bluefield Revive in August 2023, and aligns seamlessly with Bluefield’s asset diversification strategy within the Italian market. It highlights Bluefield’s expertise in identifying and capitalising on unique underperforming assets that fulfil investor criteria, simultaneously offering an exciting new chapter in the company’s dedication to powering a sustainable future.

For this transaction, Bluefield partnered with Green Horse Advisory for legal services, REA for technical advisory, and Mazars for tax and accounting expertise.

About Bluefield

Founded in London in 2009, the Bluefield group of companies provides M&A, asset management, development and construction management services throughout the lifecycle of the renewable assets under management, specialising in greenfield and brownfield solar PV, onshore wind, and battery storage.  With over a decade in the sector, Bluefield has developed a comprehensive platform covering investment, asset management, and technical services to speed up the shift to clean energy and net zero.

As it stands, the Bluefield group manages assets worth over €1.7 billion across the UK and EU, with a keen eye on shareholder interests. The group employs around 150 people across the UK and Europe, all committed to safeguarding assets and delivering profit with purpose for a sustainable future. For further details, visit

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Bluefield Italia Srl
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