About Us

Bluefield was founded in 2009 in the belief that renewable energy was going to become a major investment theme which would disrupt the energy markets in the coming decades, and that solar assets were ideal investments for investors who were looking for stable and sustainable income.

These assertions seemed novel at the time, as renewables were still in their infancy and relatively expensive compared to fossil fuels. Institutional funds didn’t, typically, see renewable energy as a mainstream investment. However, just a decade later, the vision upon which the business was built has been realised. Renewable energy is one of the biggest investment themes in any sector, not just energy. It is now cheaper than fossil fuels in most places in the world and renewables and solar are increasingly seen as core investments for institutional investors.

Where are we now?

During the past decade Bluefield has developed one of the longest, and highest performing, track records in the sector. In 2013 Bluefield listed the Bluefield Solar Income Fund (BSIF), the first solar focused investment company listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The fund has consistently been the highest performing fund of its kind listed on the LSE since that time. It has consistently delivered stable and sustainable income for its shareholders.

We have built a specialist group of companies each addressing different aspects of value creation, optimisation and preservation. Bluefield Development identifies suitable solar and storage development opportunities; Bluefield Partners LLP focuses on investment and portfolio management; Bluefield Services Ltd manages all aspects of technical asset management and financial compliance; and Bluefield Operations Ltd focuses on operation and maintenance. The combined group creates a complement of companies with diverse skills and specialisms, each adding to the value of fund investments.

The next decade for Bluefield will be shaped by an ever accelerating story of energy transition, in which Bluefield can use its unique business model to continue to deliver sustainable value to its shareholders.

James Armstrong and Giovanni Terranova, two of the founders and managing partners, run the group. Over the years they been joined by sector leading professionals from investment, asset management and operational backgrounds.

Business model

The Bluefield Group is positioned to maximise the growing opportunity in renewable energy as the world’s energy markets move away from fossil fuels towards a low carbon, and sustainable, future.

Of unique benefit to its investors, Bluefield companies operate with aligned and coordinated decision making. This, combined with efficient management systems, has resulted in a highly effective business model. Component businesses work seamlessly together under one shared objective: to maximise returns for our investors.

As a result of this business model, we have a heightened level of communication and transparency that has been proven to return better results than with the outsourcing of conventional third party asset management or O&M duties.

Our Businesses

Each business is responsible for a different part of the investment and operational cycle; each responsible for incrementally driving higher performance from our renewable investments. It’s a platform that has delivered sector leading results.