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Hoback – BSL Case study

Following appointment as the Asset Manager, the Bluefield Asset management team conducted a thorough assessment of all monitoring data, meter data and equipment currently utilised on site.

It was determined that the DNO meter was recording 11% less than actual production values, skewing generational data. Following vigorous chasing of the EPC contractor they resolved the physical fault by replacing faulty CT’s on site. The EPC then tried, unsuccessfully, to engage the meter operator to update their records and notify the data collector of the issue.

The Asset Management team intervened and were able to engage the meter operator, data collector and the PPA provider to update the data based on a correction factor applied to the sum of the inverter production on site. Once the PPA statements were re-issued, the Asset Management team then notified Ofgem and updated all the readings for the period to allow the re-issue of the benefits. This whole process recovered approximately £180k for the client.